“See” your design before you order. One option is to see what their product will look like in its surroundings from any view they like (even from inside your house, or the neighbors!), and what shade patterns the structure will produce at any time of day or year, thanks to our life-like 3D rendering process.

Designs for anywhere

We design location-specific structures for restaurants, resorts, schools, shopping centers and homes all over the world. By sending us site plans and photographs plus some information on your objectives for the structure. We’ll send you designs for consideration.

Building your design

There are many options when it comes to actually building and installing your chosen design:

  • We have ready-to-ship products which you can install yourself or with the help of your local building contractor.
  • We can provide detailed workshop drawings for part or all of the structure, and ship the fabric component when ready to install
  • We can ship all components of a custom or standard design ready for installation
  • We can supervise installation.